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Compliance Simplified

Health Care Regulatory Consultants You Can Rely On

To simplify compliance, organizations need to understand the intent of applicable federal and state government laws as well as accreditation standards and certification requirements. Tomzik Consulting helps health care providers and insurance companies follow HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and compliance regulations.

Our company genuinely cares about our clients’ organizations. Knowing how confusing laws, rules, and requirements can be, we go across the entire organization and use a unique style and approach for regulatory compliance, privacy and security.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify compliance through understanding.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Quality

Company Objectives

Our company aims to:

  • To save your organization money by mitigating avoidable fines and penalties.
  • To save your organization time by minimizing the risk of additional audits, surveys and corrective action plans.
  • To save your organization frustration through understanding and maximizing resources.

What We Do

  • Actively listen to the Board of Directors, Executive and Senior Level leaders and other key stakeholders to under the gaps, risk issues and concerns regarding the existing compliance and privacy programs.
  • Teach and encourage leaders at all levels to become role models and champions to remove barriers that hinder compliance and privacy program performance improvement.
  • Engage the Board of Directors, Executive Leadership and the Compliance Committee through meaningful and relevant reporting.
  • Collaborate across the organization with all levels of leaders and staff to assess how effective the current compliance program is.
  • Empower organizational teams to create and implement innovative solutions to make the programs stronger.
  • Build organizational trust at all levels by transitioning the perception of compliance and privacy being “violation focused” to one of being a strategic partner to meet business goals.
  • Improve compliance, privacy and security communications

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